David Bartley

BE (Chem)

Operations Support Manager

Operations Support Manager


Operations Support Manager
Atom Consulting


Operation and Maintenance Superintendent
Kiewit Ertech JV / Bechtel


Senior Team Leader, Treatment Operations
Hunter Water Australia

2002 - 2004

Process Engineer, Treatment Operations
Hunter Water Australia

1996 - 2002

WWT Planning Engineer
Hunter Water Corporation

David is a chemical engineer with over 20 years’ experience across the full life cycle of water treatment and delivery systems including planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance.

David specialises in providing operational support through technical review and facilitating operational teams solve problems by identifying root causes.

David is highly experienced in developing and empowering teams and individuals to reduce risk and improve efficiency in water and wastewater operations.

David has worked on a wide range of water industry projects including:

  • Development of standard operating procedures with operations staff to ensure compliance with Drinking Water Management Plans and ADWG
  • Operation and maintenance water treatment plants including conventional and membrane processes
  • Audit and validation of water and recycled water plants
  • Preparation of emergency response procedures for drinking water and wastewater incidents
  • Development of CCP Plans and delivery of training to management and operations on these Plans and potable water awareness
  • Development of spreadsheets for data management including control charts and other tools to assist operators to monitor plant performance

Skills and Experience

Plant optimisation

  • Over 12 years’ experience in managing treatment operations
  • Experience in a range of treatment processes including conventional treatment and membrane processes
  • Optimisation for compliance, energy and chemical efficiency for Hunter Water the Wheatstone construction project
  • Detailed process and hydraulic reviews of for Walcha and Upper Lachlan Shire Councils to identify operational and capital improvements
  • Supporting Armidale, Cabonne and Uralla Shire Councils in compliance with fluoridation legislation to identify gaps in their current facility and procedures

Operational documentation

  • Preparation of operation and maintenance manuals, standard operations procedures, incident response procedures for Hunter Water, the Wheatstone project, Parkes Shire Council and Cabonne Shire Council
  • Creation of data recording and reporting systems for Hunter Water and the Wheatstone project
  • Development of maintenance schedules and review of reactive maintenance for Hunter Water and the Wheatstone project

Training & mentoring

  • Mentoring of plant operators to complete their industry qualification as well as providing training specific to the technology at their plants
  • Training of operations staff and management in drinking water awareness and wastewater licence compliance

Workshop facilitation

  • Incident investigation
  • Root cause analysis
  • Asset criticality
  • Safety, environmental and water quality risk assessments


  • Review of water treatment plants at the Wheatstone project for compliance with the ADWG
  • Assessment of compliance of wastewater treatment plants at Walcha and Upper Lachlan Shire Councils for compliance with their Environmental Protection Licences
  • Determination of gaps between fluoride plant installation and operation with the NSW Code of Practice for Fluoridation of Drinking Water Supplies for Armidale and Cabonne Shire Councils
  • Review of historical schemes that supply recycled water from Hunter Water’s wastewater treatment plants with the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling and relevant NSW legislation